The End of Summer....

We had a wonderful busy summer...and maybe I'll get back and post about the things we did...Special days of Fellowship, the kids and I took a trip to WI, a family reunion, camping, two birthdays..Nolan 8 and Hannah 6....watching our newly planted grass grow!  In the meantime we closed out the summer Labor day weekend with a little camping trip.  The kids had had 3 days of school already by that point.  Was lovely and peaceful to get away...
First day of 2nd grade and Kindergarten!
Happy Campers!
Proud he caught it with no help start to finish!

I catched it!
A little "fake" fishing!

Lexi loves camping also...she comes home and sleeps for days to recover!
A little camping advice with small children next to a stream.  Pack what seems like an generous number of socks per child.  Than go back and double it.  Seriously...and 45 pairs of shoes/boots wouldn't be a bad idea either!


Heather S said...

I wish you would have shared this advice BEFORE our trip :) We camped along a stream, with 4 kids.

Anita said...

Had to giggle at Heather's comment. :) Water and kids are just meant for each other!

Looks like you had a great summer!