The End of Summer....

We had a wonderful busy summer...and maybe I'll get back and post about the things we did...Special days of Fellowship, the kids and I took a trip to WI, a family reunion, camping, two birthdays..Nolan 8 and Hannah 6....watching our newly planted grass grow!  In the meantime we closed out the summer Labor day weekend with a little camping trip.  The kids had had 3 days of school already by that point.  Was lovely and peaceful to get away...
First day of 2nd grade and Kindergarten!
Happy Campers!
Proud he caught it with no help start to finish!

I catched it!
A little "fake" fishing!

Lexi loves camping also...she comes home and sleeps for days to recover!
A little camping advice with small children next to a stream.  Pack what seems like an generous number of socks per child.  Than go back and double it.  Seriously...and 45 pairs of shoes/boots wouldn't be a bad idea either!


Summer vacation means it is time for:


Planting flowers...
Meeting a new cousin...

Train rides...

and last but not least trips to the library!


Wrapping up 1st Grade!

Nolan was voted by his classmates:  Most likely to be a zookeeper!


Nolan's Piano Recital

Being presented with his medal for his practice hours.

Enjoying his medal!
Last night was Nolan's piano recital.  He earned a medal for his hard work.  He is pretty pumped about it!  He told me next year he wants to see if he can earn the trophy.  We'll see if he remembers the trophy when it is time to put in the practice time!!


Happy Birthday Elliot!

 Back in March this guy turned 2!
Happy Birthday Elliot!!


Pinterest Projects

I readily admit to being a pinterest addict...and to prove sometimes that I do more than pin...here are some kid projects we have done.   With varying degrees of success!  I realize that pinterest etiquette is that I should link back...but I'm not that organized.  Go search for yourself :)  I'm sure you'll find these and many other fun projects to try!

Mood sand...a big hit...to big of a hit in fact.  Enough said :)

Not pinterest so much but becoming a winter tradition.

And I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll eat your house down.

Borax snowflakes...very cool and pretty.  I didn't take any pictures during the process.

Watercolor, glue, and salt project.  Two thumbs up for this one.  It kept Nolan and Hannah busy for a long time and the results were really neat. 

Nolan's finished project...think it looks great with the little ship in his room. 

Also not pinterest but showing off my little artist lefty.


Big Boy Haircut and Early Morning Visitors.

Saying goodbye to those baby curls...
 Elliot's hair was getting pretty wild and long so we decided it was time to do more than a little trimming.  As evidenced by the big smile he didn't mind a bit!

Showing off his new look with "dog."

Brothers!  Elliot looks like he is just itching to get his hands on the game!
*Yawn* If I get the shades open early enough in the morning sometimes we see these visitors.


The rest of 2012

 As it is well into January I may as well catch up on 2012....

 Over Thanksgiving Papa and Grandma came to visit us. 

Silly shot!

We took a quick little trip to MT to see Auntie Agnes.

I turned 32...

 Over the Christmas Holiday Uncle Will and Aunt Becky came to visit.  Uncle Will may have exhausted himself playing.

After a month I'm no longer older...

Best Toy Ever.

And lastly our winter view!


Random stuff

Enjoying some delicious WI watermelon that Grandma brought when she visited.

Just want a nap.....

It may repaired and repaired again in tape but it is still a favorite with #3.

Keeping busy while Nolan is at school.

My other little artist.

Getting a little messy...


Rockpile Museum

At the advice of a friend we checked out a local museum.  It had quite a few hands on displays and the kids really enjoyed it.  The dress up area was a big hit!

Elliot's favorite thing!

Next time we go we need to start at the end and work our way backwards.  We were exhausted by the time we were through it all.