Pinterest Projects

I readily admit to being a pinterest addict...and to prove sometimes that I do more than pin...here are some kid projects we have done.   With varying degrees of success!  I realize that pinterest etiquette is that I should link back...but I'm not that organized.  Go search for yourself :)  I'm sure you'll find these and many other fun projects to try!

Mood sand...a big hit...to big of a hit in fact.  Enough said :)

Not pinterest so much but becoming a winter tradition.

And I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll eat your house down.

Borax snowflakes...very cool and pretty.  I didn't take any pictures during the process.

Watercolor, glue, and salt project.  Two thumbs up for this one.  It kept Nolan and Hannah busy for a long time and the results were really neat. 

Nolan's finished project...think it looks great with the little ship in his room. 

Also not pinterest but showing off my little artist lefty.


theo and sarah said...

Fun, the paintings are really neat! Most of my Pinterest projects involve food :)

shaunandhelen said...

I should do a pinterest food post also...but I never take pictures of my food :)

Lynae said...

Oh fun....I love project time with kiddos! I've been pinning cute kid projects if I get around kids and have enough time.

Lynae said...
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